Alla El Merino's aussie-kullar genom åren

Från starten 1978 finns några kullar med collies under kennelnamnet El Merino's. Australian Shepherd är dock den enda rasen sedan 1990 då "Debbie" kom in i bilden, alias:
TjH Rä Tarcott Amber Nectar,
kennelns stamtik och Sveriges första aussie!

"Debbie" i rött halsband, med barn och barnbarn

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El Merino's Lucky Dog
El Merino's Lucky Devil
El Merino's Lucky Luke
El Merino's Lucky Little Me
El Merino's Lucky Strike
El Merino's Lucky Lulul

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El Merino's Francisco

El Merino's Fenomenia

El Merino's Fortuna

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El Merino's Better Bid
El Merino's Better Cat
El Merino's Better Be Red
El Merino's Better Trend
El Merino's Better Up
El Merino's Better Bit
El Merino's Better Stuff

Födda 2012-02-03
e: El Merino's New Fire
KORAD Dielku Juopmu

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El Merino's True Divinity

El Merino's True Moxie

El Merino's True Fire

El Merino's True Flash

El Merino's True Spirit

El Merino's True Trigger

El Merino's True Stuff

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El Merino's New Fire

El Merino's New Tiger

El Merino's New Age

El Merino's New Bet

El Merino's New Spark

El Merino's New Stuff

El Merino's New Wind

El Merino's New Wave

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Tjh Rä El Merino's Real Friend

El Merino's Real Man

KORAD El Merino's Real Deal

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El Merino's Real Thing

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El Merino's Last Hero

El Merino's Last Star

El Merino's Last Hope

El Merino's Last Kick

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El Merino's Sámi Sáve

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El Merino's Pastor

El Merino's Panther (gk signalhund

El Merino's Panda

El Merino's Puma

El Merino's Pollux

El Merino's Ponykick

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El Merino's Lil'johnny Jet

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El Merino's Little Miss Smiles

El Merino's Little Miss Perfect

El Merino's Little Snowball

El Merino's Little Witch

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KORAD GKVALLH SUCH El Merino's Wild For Kicks
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El Merino's Shining Example (f.1996-04-10)

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