Summer of 2004

"Wade" (Bar LW Innovator) during a short 'non-raining-breake'

Herding training in Domta

'Making plans for a day of herding training at Cia's place
From left: Anna, Charli, Linda and 'Blomman'

..and here is Cia with her (hill-)sheep!

With a little help from some little friends the sheep will soon be moved...

All but one...

'Charli' (El Merino's Sámi Muste) practise the crossdrive

..and does it nice and gently...

Here is Charli's sister 'Maja' driving (El Merino's Sámi Slurfi)

Anna and 'Maja' practise on their flanks

'Maja' got the message and turns away nicely

Cia and 'Häxa'

Cia and 'Häxa' driving

Ewa with Wade at the same place (where did the sun go?)

Wade driving

Taking a break

When will our mum get back...?

she seems to be a bit occupied ...

Look what was found in the grove: summer chanterelles!

..but cookies are better! (due to Isabel)

Here, one is kind enuff to to clean the bathtube..

Thank you very much!!!

'Baby 'Jutta' (El Merino's Last Star) has just wake up

'Baby Jutta' is up and coming!!
(Grandma 'Debbie' keepin an eye on the sheep)

Jutta takes a look as Kicks (her mother) keeps the sheep in order inside the pen

Hey you sheep, what are you staring at...?!

To be continued until next summer...!